Our proprietary process of accelerating pipeline activity and engineering scalable frameworks to supercharge pipeline progression and revenue motions.

The 8 Phase


The Effective Way to Detect Pipeline Friction.


Engineer a Unified and Seamless RevOp.


Activate Pipeline Engagement and Opportunity.


Validate Proof of Concept and ROI From Revenue Motions.


Accelerate Pipeline Opportunity to Closed Revenue.


Boost Operational Efficiency Across Your Entire Pipeline.


Create A Revenue Flywheel To Accelerate Account Expansion.


Apply Proven Frameworks To a New/Existing Growth Channel.

The Effective Way to Detect Pipeline Friction

Deep dive into your current and historic pipeline activity, and uncover the friction that’s causing revenue drag. In the “Uncover” phase, we’ll assess people, processes, and practices against pipeline performance, and detect the misaligned data, underperforming marketing motions, unprogressive (or unresponsive) sales activity, and unsecured customer success efforts.

By approaching your pipeline from a holistic perspective of your revenue team, we’re able to identify friction from each subteam, and unify the corrective action necessary for scalable growth. 



Engineer a Unified And Seamless Revenue Operation

Unify your team, tech, and approach with pipeline progression to drive profitable and seamless revenue motion. In the “Normalize” phase we align your revenue team, your technology enablement, and activation strategies to create a unified acquisition approach for the company, and a frictionless buyer’s journey for the consumer.

Remove the friction points along the pipeline, and unleash the pipeline acceleration potential. 



Activate Pipeline Engagement and Opportunity

Activate your pipeline affinity and deliver more high intent revenue opportunities to your pipeline. In the “Activate” phase we execute demand generation initiatives through paid social channels to deliver high performing content to your ICP, and drive inbound hand raisers.

Reduce wasted outbound resources and efforts, and transform your revenue engine into a high intent, inbound machine. 



Validate Proof of Concept and ROI From Revenue Motions

Identify and validate program factors driving pipeline opportunities. In the “Validate” phase we prove the concept of sustainable pipeline performance, and begin to engineer frameworks for implementation and scale.

We measure performance across pipeline creation to deal creation against revenue metrics leading to closed won to identify key factors driving pipeline. 



Accelerate Pipeline Opportunity to Closed Revenue

Win more late stage pipeline opportunities faster. In the “Reinforce” phase we introduce ABM strategy and execution to influence buying committees, overcome late stage objections, and reduce sales cycle length.

We transition from a one-to-many to a one-to-few approach to deliver a personalized and targeted pipeline experience for high intent, deal stage accounts. 



Boost Operational Efficiency Across Your Entire Pipeline

Anchor your processes and people into a proven revenue accelerating framework for scale. In the “Anchor” phase, we ground your team in what’s working, build playbooks for continued, sustainable growth, and layer new approaches for scaling what works.

We take the proven pipeline performance, and surround it with new infrastructure and systems. 



Create A Revenue Flywheel To Accelerate Account Expansion

 Extract and secure more revenue from your current customers by creating a revenue flywheel. In the “Expand” phase, we explore friction causing loss in renewables, engage accounts approaching termination, and activate new product expansion strategies.

Drive more profitability and ROI from revenue motions with a customer marketing approach. 



Apply Proven Frameworks To New/Existing Growth Channels

Identify, explore, and win new/existing growth channels backed by proven strategies and frameworks. In the “Expand” phase, we scout growth channel opportunities, identify and amplify success factors from existing growth channels, operationalize processes and people, and mobilize enablement resources. 



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